Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Some badly needed welding....at last

An explanation to help make sense of this blog: Lady Jane has a steel deck which is in turn mostly covered with a layer of wooden planks, each about 2 inches thick. Where machinery, such as a winch, was placed on deck it was bolted onto footings which were welded directly to the metal deck. The footings were concreted in, sealing the otherwise bare metal and preventing rust from setting in.

One of the projects I 'diverted' onto, away from sorting out the accomodation, was to clean up some of the remnants of machinery which had been cut off of Lady Jane's deck by the previous owners. To be fair, it was a mess gathering rust, potentially dangerous and needed to be done. Cleaning up the remnants entails breaking out the remaining concrete, trimming the protruding metal to deck level then filling in resulting hole with concrete which would then sit flush with the wooden planking and re-seal the underlying metal deck.

The photo of Robin welding shows some of the metal which still needs to be cut flush and the resulting hole which will be filled in with concrete. The planking on deck is also visible.

Unfortunately, while breaking up the concrete I managed to punch a hole through the metal deck into the fish hold below. Now every time it rained water would flow down the slope of the deck into the metal box, clear of it's protective concrete, and leak into the fish hold despite me plugging the hole as best as possible.

I've been aware the efforts of the previous owners had left holes into the fish hold in other footings needing similar cleaning up, but these were relatively easy to keep dry, unlike my new hole.

I had been trying for some months to arrange getting welding done on board, I have a long list of things needing doing, but now things were a bit more urgent. After moving Lady Jane so she is berthed alongside a wharf in Fareham, just before Christmas, Robin finally started the much needed welding on Lady Jane. We had to 'borrow' power from onshore which required a quick dash to a local hardware store for yet another extension lead (don't laugh Dave).

Welding one of the holes left by the previous owners needed more work than either Robin or I wanted to undertake just before Christmas, as it ment cutting and replacing the rusted plating, so that was left for later this month. The other holes are fixed though and the fish hold is again safe from the elements.

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