Monday, January 24, 2005

Power play

My main project at the moment is installing a new 16kva 240v ac alternator onto the donkey engine in the engine room, in place of a big old 24v generator.

The picture shows the old 24v generator being cranked out of the engine room. If it looks heavy, it's because it is.

Engine room upper deck

The new alternator will provide me with mains voltage capable of running any heavy machinery or welding equipment I'll need for the forseeable future. The alternator came from Machine Mart.

The new alternator is almost as big and heavy as the generator. It took some effort to get on-board, I would never have achieved that while moored in the middle of the river Itchen.

For domestic appliances, such as the fridge and freezer I'm planning to run these directy off of the battery bank through an invertor, which I already have.

I am expecting delivery of a wind turbine from Eclectic Energy at the end of the month. This wind turbine should provide enough power to keep the battery bank topped up. If needs be, I can always run a battery charger through the mains power off of the alternator on the donkey, or charge the battery directly from the 24v generator on the main engine.

With the alternator in place I'll need to get the fuse boxes and mains wiring properly sorted out, with mains sockets installed where they will most likey be needed. Safety is of major concern here.

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