Monday, January 31, 2005

I feel vaguely guilty

Kate declined going down to stay on Lady Jane this weekend, possibly on account of the cold, so I feel guilty about having so much fun without her.

As promised, I investigated the Castle In The Air, ably assisted by Malcolm, Duncan and Andy. It turns out that Malcolm and Pam live literally right across the road from where Lady Jane is berthed, they are friends of ours and Tracy's parents. John and Tracey are good friends who live in the same village as Kate and I. One of life's co-incidences.

I was unaware of the match, but discovered Portsmouth had just lost 1-2 to arch rivals Southampton. With most people in Fareham supporting Portsmouth, as it's just down the road, the town centre was apparently 'quite rough'. The pub was isolated from all that and had an excellent live band, well two blokes with guitars actually, but they were good.

As it was, it turned out to be an excellent evening. The picture you see was taken once I got back to Lady Jane at about 11.00pm.

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