Thursday, January 20, 2005

I bought another boat!

Yup, I just bought another boat. Now I know you are thinking WHY? Is three boats not enough already?

Prime Rib

The 'new' boat, shown in the picture, is an ex military rib (a rigid inflatable boat) a 5.4m Searider from Avon, with a 115hp Johnson v4 engine. I know it's not pretty but, although about 10 years old, it is extremely functional, tough and perfect as a tender for Lady Jane. I've been on the lookout for just such a rib for some months now and this one looked in pretty good shape and the price was good.

I plan to spend a while cleaning and tidying it up then getting the engine serviced, or possibly even replaced with a newish 90hp Yamaha. Once ready, this boat will replace dear old Baby Jane. The truth is Baby Jane is too small as a tender and was really only a temporary measure. I'll probably clean Baby Jane up and sell it on e-bay.

The rib will also be handy for larking about in the sea, fishing, maybe diving and even the odd trip to France when the weather is good. I know Dale, the landlord of our local, has expressed an interest in going fishing with it on the occasional summers evening.

Kate and I have not got a name for the rib yet, naming Baby Jane has set the bar pretty high. Suggestions are very welcome.

I see, in my mind's eye, us anchoring offshore at a sun kissed beach somewhere exotic, then running ashore in the rib for a few beers....

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