Wednesday, December 22, 2004

I have a plan

The main purpose behind buying Lady Jane was the concept of a house by the sea which could go places, except places like say Zimbabwe which have the distinct disadvantage of being landlocked. It is this concept which defines my plan for Lady Jane both now and for the longer term.

Lady Jane is a solid boat and I have no concerns over the state of her hull and the machinery on board, although they do, of course, need work. My immediate plan is to start with fixing up the accommodation and living space within the boat. My thinking with starting on the living areas of Lady Jane is simply to make her as pleasant a place to be as is reasonably possible. This way I get to enjoy being on board Lady Jane right from the beginning.

It's all about enjoyment and safety

Don't get me wrong here, I've absolutely loved all the time I've spent on board, either hanging out with Kate, or other mates who have been on board from time to time, or working on some aspect of the boat. It's just that the lack of some of the creature comforts, like a flushing toilet, starts to wear a guy down after a while.

As soon as the creature comforts have been taken care of I will rub down, prime and paint Lady Jane. Curiously enough some of this is quite closely intertwined with getting the living accommodation sorted out. For example the wheelhouse roof leaks, so as part of making the wheelhouse a much nicer place to hang out in I need to rub down, cut and weld plates and then repaint the roof anyway.

Once she has had a lick of paint and is looking good I plan to sort out the various issues with Lady Jane's machinery, such as a blowing number 4 cylinder head, so I am a lot more sure of her reliability when we take her to sea. I will also install an anchor and winch which, along with a suitable tender, will make it safer when we take her out to sea.

Last, but not least, I plan to install modern navigation equipment. It would also be nice to have some of the more critical guages, such as temperature and oil pressure guages, also displayed in the wheelhouse.

The plan described above is the short term plan, which will have the effect of stopping the rot and making Lady Jane a pleasure to live on, and fit to go places.

The long term plan includes moving the wheelhouse forward, making more living and deck space and generally fitting Lady Jane out for cruising in places like the Med so we can invite friends and family to come and stay aboard.

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