Tuesday, December 21, 2004

From the engine room

For the interested, the technically minded, and those with nothing better to do, here is a list of the main stuff used to operate Lady Jane.

There is a lot to Lady Jane's machinery, so this is just a summary. No doubt there will be more detail in subsequent blogs as I work on her.

The main engine, a 6 cylinder, 550hp 6D6 Industrie turbo diesel
A Kuypers hydraulic gearbox, a massive affair with neutral, 1 forward and 1 reverse gear.
This drives a Lima-bronze LIPS 4 bladed propeller with a diameter of 1,90 m (6.2 ft)
4 main diesel tanks, with a combined capacity of 25000 litres (6,604US/5,500UK Gallons)
A lubricating oil storage tank of 600 litres (158US/132UK Gallons)
A 110v dc compressor with 2 large compressed air bottles
A 24v battery bank, comprised of 12x2v submarine batteries, each of 960 amp hours
A 25hp air cooled, hand crank, 2 cylinder, noisy, smokey, dirty Lister donkey engine
A 12kw 110v dc dynamo, driven by the main engine
A 7.5kw 110v dc dynamo, driven by the donkey engine
2 2kw 24v dc dynamos, one each being driven by the main and donkey engines
1 110v bilge pump, this is the main bilge pump
1 Bilge pump, driven by the donkey engine through a clutch
The steering gear is an hydraulic HYDROSTAR type H S 80 R with two parallel pistons
The steering can be operated manually or electronically

The heart of Lady Jane, the main engine to the right of the picture, stands taller than me. Yup, those are the rocker arms you can see at the top of the engine. Starting the beast is a little more complex than just turning a key. To give you an idea, here is the checklist to start the engine I was given by the previous owner:

Open Chimney
Open sweet water header tank valve
Check sweet water level
If level low, open valve to water supply
Close when level sufficient
Position 110 & 24V breakers for charging
Fill and adjust bottom air tank
Turn oil filter wiper
Open raw water sea cocks
Check gear in neutral
Prime engine oil
Prime crankshaft
Oil valves & pillar bearings
Open day tank valve
Open fuel filter
Check fuel supply
Set throttle half turn
Check governer in run position
Start with air

Note the 'start with air' - You can't see them in the picture, but there are two compressed air bottles in the engine room. The bottom one is used primarily for starting the engine, the top one I use to drive air tools on board. After everything is set up you pull a lever which opens compressed air to the engine, giving it the initial 'kick' to get it started.

To help people understand what is what, particularly in the mass of piping below the deck plates in the engine room, the pipes are all colour coded:

Red = Diesel
Green = Sea water
Blue = Fresh Water
Yellow = Oil
The orange pipes are simply guard rails.

The jumble you see on the left of the picture is the main electrics board, with the pressurised water tank below it. I looked behind the electrics board and nearly fell over - it's a big birds nest of wires.


  1. Thanks for this! I am ggoing to do a similar thing on my boat!

  2. Hi Nick

    Great to have you on board.