Friday, December 03, 2004

A big mistake? Some people seem to think so.

Lady Jane
Originally uploaded by Tim Zim.
I didn't mean to but .... I bought a boat - Lady Jane.

Some would say that is a pretty cool thing to do when they hear about it whereas others nod wisely then try to slip away from the raving loony as quickly as possible.

The thing is until I bought the boat I have never actually driven any kind of boat at all, which is fine except that my boat is a 27 metre (90 ft) steel ex fishing trawler, built tough for fishing in the North Sea.

Now I have gone from never having driven a boat to suddenly owning three. That is the trawler, a canoe which came with the trawler and a small inflatable boat which I had to buy as a tender to the big boat as it is currently moored in the middle of the river Itchen, in Southampton, England.

Slightly crazy?
I do have a plan though.


  1. Looks like she do with a lick of paint or a scrub. Very cool though :)

    Not everyone in a landlocked commuter town can say they own a 90 foot (ex) fishing trawler. The plan... you're not thinking of shipping it back to Fleet Pond are you?

  2. Good one Lever, progress on the scrubbing and painting is on it's way in this Blog as it happens.

    With a 3 metre draft, I think it would take a bit of serious dredging to get it up the Basingstoke canal, let alone the engineering to link up with Fleet pond. I somehow doubt I'd get the planning permission.

    I've been nervous about clibing to the very top of the mast so still don't know how tall she is, but reckon her height makes travel by road out of the question, probably a bit heavy as well.

  3. HEY! I just discovered your blog!

    I'm starting to do something similar, although I have a puny 71ft boat.

    I'm reading your blog from page 1, seems an adventure awaits...